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Meet Melissa

Melissa is a Graduate Student working towards a Masters of Science in Industrial and Organizational Psychology, she holds a Bachelors Degree in International Business and worked as a Recruiter for two years after completing her Undergraduate degree, before leaving the Corporate world to stay home with her children full time. She loves books, wine, people, food, education, nutrition, fitness and research. Through Patent Pending she hopes to share her knowledge, build community and hold space for all individuals enduring transformative phases in their lives to help them level up and connect with like-minded individuals who may be pursuing similar interests and goals.

Meet Katie

Katie is a CPA with a master’s degree in accounting. She has always been the friend that people confided in and looked to for advice. She is a great listener and can see any situation from infinite angles. Katie is a major extrovert and can get loud in a debates…sometimes she needs to be told to use her inside voice. She loves salty snacks, wine, coffee, sun, and country music. She is excited to create a community of people who can help each other through the many transformative phases of life. There is something very intriguing and beautiful that happens to us when we go through a change. Katie is here to help you discover those things and put them to use and build the life that you are dreaming of.