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Why I chose to become a coach

I truly love coaching and knew I needed to pursue this path when I noticed coaching skills and conversations coming up and taking over in every single job I ever had.

When I was working Corporate and I was a recruiter I gravitated towards the career coaching and personal development side of the work.  When I was in college I worked as a Personal Trainer and wanted to do nothing but coach people towards achieving a status of better health and fitness.  In every other role I ever held I always desired to assist in training and bringing on new hires to show them the ropes and help them build relationships.

Long story short coaching is the most holistic way I could envision doing the things that I love to implement in my work through a business of my own in the most sustainable and effective ways. I know in my heart that this is the way I can serve to my highest capacity in the world at this time.

Thank you for your curiosity and your time spent with me.

I look forward to the potential of our continued work together.

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