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Katie's Membership Brand Story

My path to this place has been anything but straight.  From the time I graduated high school I had one goal...become a CPA!  I did that...but I wanted more.  I found myself looking for a creative outlet and I found that in the podcast I started with Melissa.  But then I developed this desire to help others and I discovered a huge passion for genuine connection and communication.  I believe that we all have something to offer each other.

Having a full time job and running a business at the same time proved difficult.  While I enjoy both for different reasons, I was having trouble keeping my focus on the right thing at the right time and what I have found is that trying to build a business can be very lonely and it can be difficult to focus on the right thing at the right time when you have multiple things pulling your attention.  After working a minimum 8 hour day at my full time job, it can be difficult to come home and focus on my business by myself (full-on extrovert here!).  But what if there was a community of women who were in the same boat to gather after that 9-5 and motivate each other to get their business going and growing!

I have found myself at many points in my life in leadership roles, not because I was the best at what I was doing, but because I knew how to connect people and how to problem solve and research.  I feel that I have been working my entire life to find the people that I am meant to bring together and I believe that this is it.

I believe that this community of women will be the future of so many different things in this world and I would be truly honored to have you join me in supporting one another.

Melissa's Membership Brand Story

Before becoming a Mama I was trying to be a real true Entrepreneur, be in control of my own Money and forge my own path. When that wasn’t as bountiful as I’d expected for it to be I took a more common path and pursued the opportunity to build a career within the corporate workforce. After trying to sustain that and become a Mom of four in a short 2 year transition simultaneously, I realized that something had to give. For me that meant leaving Corporate to be home with my kiddos, but that entrepreneurial mindset and dream never left my mind. I couldn’t see how it could be possible to be a nursing, homeschooling, highly involved and present Mother like I wanted to be while building businesses full time, it seemed impossible if I was ever going to sleep again that was 😴 until I got comfortable with doing some unusual things like waking up uber early to ensure 2 hours at minimum to myself before tending to any parenting duties (I’m talking 3:45am Alarms) then I thought how long can I realistically sustain this waking up early to work and what not without any fun co-workers around? (Extrovert much) so then came this inkling to develop a community to support Mothers just like me who need to do something more than parent, are interested in entrepreneurship, and thrive off of interaction with others.

I’m out on a mission to help Moms find the time and the community support and resources they need to crush their goals and build the lives of their dreams.

Come join me for an Early Morning Mom group that will support your Entrepreneurial ventures, satisfy your craving for adult interaction, and develop your business acumen and networking skills all in one place.

Click here to join the community!